How to choose your car shelter

Things to consider when buying your car shelter:


   Important features Picture with Picture without

  Two windows:

    Provides better visibility at the exit of the carport. These windows are

    recommended by the city of Gatineau.

  Two doors:

    Allows to circulate on both ends making it more convenient.

  Thickness of fabric: 240 gr/m2 or

    Offers better tear and sun resistance.

  Galvanized steel structure:

    Offers better resistance to corosion (unlike painted steel) that will last years
    longer than their counterpart.

  Arches at 4 feet for a stronger
  shelter structure:

    Some manufacturers, like Logic Shelter, place the arches at 5 feet.
    Thus, an 11 'X 20' shelter will only have 5 arches compared to 6 arches for a
    model of the same size.

    The shelter with arches at 4 feet is therefore more robust, better withstands the
    weather and the accumulation of snow and water.

  Curtain style door:

    The doors opens by sliding sideways. So it's a lot easier to manipulate
    and more convenient than those that roll to the top.

  Quick & Easy structure installation:

    The structure is assembled by simply inserting screws through the posts.
    Some models, like the Logic Shelter, have plastic parts in addition to screws.

    Thus, our model is easier to assemble, and have less part that won't break or
    misplace easily.


  Quick & Easy cover installation:


    The cover can easily be installed with our quick attach strap after the structure is assembled. Some models, like the Logic Shelter, use rope or need the posts to be slided in the tarp while you are assembling the structure to attach the cover to it.

    Thus, our model is easier to assemble and attach the cover to the structure.